Wimmera Golf Trail

Episode 1, Season 1

Wimmera Golf Trail

This episode shares four superb regional golf courses, on the Wimmera Golf Trail. If you are looking for golf road trips near Melbourne, or  golf road trips near Adelaide, this episode is a must listen. The Wimmera Golf Trail is one of the best golf trips in regional Victoria, 4 hours from Adelaide, 3.5 hours from Melbourne. Let’s get the car started!


Today we’re heading to the Horsham Golf Club in Victoria and catching up with PGA Professional Cameron Howell.

In this episode Cameron shares his Great Golfing Road Trip – the Wimmera Golf Trail.

We’ll hear about four superb country courses, large courses, Santa Ana couch fairways, and country hospitality.

Cameron tells us how ‘a little bit of the Melbourne Sandbelt made its way to this beautiful regional area.’

He speaks of his love of golfing road trips, the excitement he gets when discovering a new golf course and meeting new people along the way.

If this episode sparks your interest to get in the car and explore the Wimmera Golf Trail, head to our website for all the local intel on courses, accommodation, places to eat and sightseeing.

(02:32) The road trip from Melbourne

(03:07) Welcome to the Horsham Golf Club

(04:35) Sam Berriman brings Melbourne Sandbelt designs to Horsham

(05:10) Country hospitality when you arrive at Horsham Golf Club

(06:00) What’s Horsham Golf Course like to play for a range of golfers?

(07:45) The Horsham Open Tournament and Horsham Senior Amateur

(09:13) Where is Horsham Golf course ranked?

(09:37) What does it cost to play Horsham Golf Course?

(10:05) Mike Clayton and Mike DeVries guide the next phase of course enhancement at Horsham Golf Course

(11:20) Horsham accommodation and dining options

(12:15) Nhill Golf Club

(14:00) Dimboola Golf Club

(16:15) Warracknabeal Golf Club

(18:05) What Cameron enjoys about golfing road trips and experiencing the regional areas

(19:00) Contacting Cameron and playing The Wimmera Trail.


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Cameron Howell

Horsham Golf Club

304 Golf Course Road Haven (via Horsham) Victoria 3401

Phone: (03) 5382 3312

Email: proshop@horshamgolfclub.com

Website: https://horshamgolfclub.com.au



Accommodation: https://visithorsham.com.au/stay-at-horsham/